Other Services

Mobility Payment Solutions

NOW! Innovations is looking to provide the utmost convenience and flexibility to the users along their way from one point to another. Currently the drivers can conveniently use their mobile phone for parking and charging a vehicle. However, NOW! Innovations is continuously working on adding new functionality and products to its platform.

Vending machine payments

NOW! Innovations and BYNDL are working on adding vending machine payments to NOW! Platform. This addition will allow people to pay for goods and services at the vending machine with their mobile phone. Also, the vending machine operators or goods producers will be able to offer loyalty programs to their customers. 

Other services

NOW! mobile billing and payment solution offers a number of features and is modular and easy to configure. This can be a perfect solution for any mobility services like event parking, car wash, car sharing, valet parking, Park&Ride, café, etc.

Set up the assets, configure the business logic and start collecting money from mobile users.