About Us

We provide the payment and billing platform for parking and other mobility services. 

We’ve been working with digital billing and payment platform for parking for more than a decade. We have a proven track record of successfully implementing mobile parking and EV charging across diverse international markets – and we have a uniquely effective approach to saving money for our clients. 


  • 2000 The management team behind NOW! Innovations launched the world’s first commercial mobile parking service for leading European telecom operator TELE2  
  • 2003 NOW! Innovations launched 
  • 2004 Pioneered NFC-based mobile parking 
  • 2006 Launched first international project in the city of Antwerp, Belgium 
  • 2006 Launched RFID-based payment solution for gated parking facilities 
  • 2008 Complimented payment methods with scratch cards for tourist-friendly service and low banking penetration countries 
  • 2008 Pioneered SMS-based parking for gated facilities 
  • 2008 Launched mobile parking system in Kiev, Ukraine 
  • 2009 Launched mobile parking system in Skopje, Macedonia 
  • 2009 Launched mobile parking system in the USA 
  • 2009 Introduced GPS-initiated mobile phone parking 
  • 2010 First to market with QR code based parking using smartphone app  
  • 2010 Sold Belgium operations with 14 cities in the system 
  • 2011 First to market with Electric Vehicle charger activation by mobile phone 
  • 2011 Added QR code based payment system to pay-on-foot machines in gated parking facilities 
  • 2012 Launched Elmo – countrywide quick charging network in Estonia 
  • 2012 Launched parking and asset management system in Moscow, Russia 
  • 2013 November 29, launched Fastned – world largest countrywide quick charging network in the Netherlands 
  • 2015 December 1, acquired by Infra Park S.A.S., the world leader in individual          mobility solutions
  • 2016 June, launched OPnGO - a market place for parking
  • 2016 June, launched parking and asset management system pilot in Almaty,          Kazakhstan 
NOW! Innovations Billing and Payment Platform currently processes millions of parking and charging transactions from eight countries across three continents in both developed and parking “greenfield” countries. 

Why we do it? 

We believe that parking, EV charging, car sharing, and other mobility services should be so easy that the drivers don’t have to think about them twice. We work to provide solutions that make everyday life easier. 

We believe in fair value of services and strive to offer the payment and billing platform with the most functionality at the lowest cost.