NOW! Innovations offers a cloud-based back-end solution for parking operations, which includes feature-rich parking management software, initial set-up and customization, cloud-based hosting, software support and maintenance. NOW! Platform allows to increase service quality, improve financial results, cut costs and make drivers happy customers.  


  • Convenient payment options: over mobile, hands-on-wheel, RFID cards
  • Multiple billing solutions: pre-paid, pay-as-you-go, post-paid
  • Easy access to services: smartphone app, web browser, SMS, phone call (IVR), NFC contactless technology, RFID tag, license plate recognition
  • Over the web or mobile subscription to service
  • Quick overview of personal parking and payment history and account management
Service Providers  

  • Flexible billing and payment solutions
  • Unlimited end-user service and subscription packages
  • Powerful reports
  • Real-time analytics
  • Customer management
  • Cloud-based software 
  • Instantaneous responsiveness

  • Enforcement features

Asset owners

  • Powerful asset management
  • Multiple service provider and roaming support
  • Revenue sharing support
  • Geodata interface
  • Open platform to integrate with various hardware and service providers
  • Powerful reporting 
  • Real-time analytics

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Features & Functionality