Customer Management

The customers are private and legal persons who use the service. With NOW! Customer Management solution you can set-up unlimited customer classes, manage their accounts and provide customer support.

Based on customer classes and accounts you can develop flexible business logic, for example different subscription packages, credit and service limits, credit control, etc.

Key features 


Customer classes are customer profiles or types. With simple steps you can set up different customer classes to enable various business rules that impact the registration process, billing rules, tariffs applied, credit processing, payment channels, etc. For example a student driving an EV may have a different rate than a person driving an SUV.  


Customer accounts functionality allows you to keep an eye of all customer-related information from account settings, customer ID tools (mobile phones, ID cards, license plates, etc.), business rules, transaction history, permits, fines, support tickets, etc.  


You will never loose track of the customer needs and requests – this will allow you to provide excellent customer service. All customer issues are related specifically to their accounts. You can instantly see the account settings, subscription packages, transaction history, etc. and communicate with customers by SMS or e-mails. 

Use cases 

USA, MobileNOW! 

The mobile parking operator in the US uses NOW! customer management functionality to track more than 100 000 users’ daily parking transactions. 

ELMO network, G4S 

A customer support provider for the ELMO network uses customer management features to track the user subscriptions, monitor the service limits, provide 24/7 phone support, etc.