Asset Management

The assets are the items that create the revenue for the service. They can be geographic areas, streets, spaces, garages, chargers, etc. Each asset has its own specific property, which can be further customized by an asset owner. The service provider can set up multiple price tariffs to the same asset linking the price to different variables such as time of the day, day of the week, customer class, etc. and combine it further with the business logic.

All the assets can be identified with ID tags like QR codes or NFC tags to make the identification of assets easier for the user.

Geo-data with GPS coordinates can be added to the asset so you can provide live geo-feeds to the user or XML/KML formatted output to 3rd party services.

Key features



Define the hierarchy of your assets using cities, zones, spaces, etc. A zone can be as small as a space and as big as a country. A space or an asset can be a specific parking space, EV charger or even a rental point or a car.  


Each asset may have its own easy to define and recognize ID tag, for instance a QR code or an NFC tag. This helps the users to identify a charger, space or a zone. NOW! Innovations' mobile app recognizes the asset by their IDs, a QR code, an NFC tag or even by the GPS coordinates and the user can start the service immediately.  


Develop your own hierarchy of geo-data or use an already existing one to configure the basis for your asset management. Provide live-maps for the users in self-service portal or 3rd party apps using live KML-feed. 

Use cases 


City of Moscow uses NOW! Platform to manage all the parking assets of the city. That includes 270 000 different parking spaces grouped into different zones according to the city districts, streets, parking areas, parking spaces, garages, etc.

ELMO network

All the ELMO chargers have QR code IDs for quick asset identification so that EV drivers can easily start the charging session. KredEx uses NOW! Platform asset management functions to group the quick chargers by the counties of Estonia and provide live KML-feed about the charger status.