1. Jaaksoo at E-Governance Conference 2015: innovate now and save millions

    E-Governance Conference 2015 in Tallinn gathered together high level government representatives around the world to discuss how digital technologies could enhance public services. One of the focus areas was parking management in future cities.

    As Mr. Üllar Jaaksoo, CEO of NOW! Innovations pointed out, future is now and you don’t need to wait while change happens. Quite a lot can be changed today and without spending multi-million dollar budgets.

    Üllar Jaaksoo at E-Governance Conference, 2015

    The pioneering cities around the world have demonstrated how digital payments in parking services enhance city traffic and user experience, providing win-win solutions for both public authorities and regular drivers.

    “Without cloud-based digital payment solutions, city with 1 million inhabitants loses hundreds of thousands of dollars per day when people try to find available parking space. By introducing smart digital payment technologies city can save millions per year! Why should we wait for the future , if we can start today? ” urged Mr. Jaaksoo to launch digital payments for parking today.

    NOW! Innovations as a technology provider have facilitated the launch of digital mobile payments in various city environments, adapting to different parking approaches with significant success.  

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    e-Governance conference 2015 Tallinn Üllar Jaaksoo speaking about Intelligent Parking Solutions